Real Items needed to update their Tokenized Asset Manager (TAM) web-based front end with a modern design that incorporated both a light and a dark theme. Used within companies to easily create 'phygital' NFTs that add authenticity and additional features to physical products without needing any additional knowledge of how NFTs work.
The TAM incorporates features that allow users to create, track and even earn royalties on phygitals when sold in the second-hand market. The original TAM was made to be features-first - the bare minimum needed in order for a company or user to create a batch of NFTs and track them throughout the market. With this version, I was tasked with making a design that not only worked, but was intuitively easy to carry out all the tasks necessary in the phygital creation process. 
CP3 was designed for Real Items as a mobile-first web-based interface for consumers to interact with their phygital products, allowing them to authenticate, claim, track and sell their Real Items-enabled products. 
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